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Air Traffic Control – A Controllers’ Perspective

Air traffic control is not only one of the youngest professions in the world but also one of the fastest growing ones. A profession that continuously seeks for a change in mind-sets, updation of skills, and enhancement of knowledge while at the same time aims at higher and higher levels of efficiency and....


Don't study till you get it 'RIGHT', study until you can't get it 'WRONG'.


May you continue to improve as a person with each passing year. Wishing you a very happy birthday

World ATC Day Webinar


Brijendra Shekhar

(11th August 1964 - 15th March 2003)

Excellence is never an accident, But on this date with destiny, excellence met with an accident. Shekhar was a leader par excellence. The manager administers, the leader innovates. The manager maintains, the leader develops. The manager relies on systems, the leader relies on people. The manager counts on controls, the leader counts on trust. The manager does things right, the leader does the right thing. We have seen excellent managers in this organisation who do things right. Few match Shekhar who always loved to do the right thing. He was a great leader because he always put ‘U’ before ‘I’.


“Objectives of the Air Traffic Controller’s Guild”

    1. To watch-over and protect, the honor and dignity of the profession, improving and enhancing its stature and outlook
    2. To Promote and maintain in the profession a high standard of efficiency and integrity
    3. To collect, compile and disseminate information pertaining to the profession and publish the same in the form of journals, Papers, Pamphlets or otherwise
    4.  To Provide opportunity and facilities for the discussion and study by all or any person, of matters concerning or affecting Air Traffic Control and enlighten the public regarding the profession


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